Alcohol Recovery

A client-centred residential service for men who want to address their alcohol dependency

We have been helping clients to stop drinking for over thirty years in the beautiful countryside of North Devon. We feel that the key to our success has been creating individual care plans around the person rather than expecting the person to fit a programme.
Our eclectic care philosophy encourages the discovery of the positive aspects of character that can help to restore individual self-esteem and confidence.

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Our process


Based on a diagnosis of the individuals needs a personal programme of care is developed to meet those needs and regularly reviewed with the supportive relationship of a key worker.

Consultant input

Consultants include a psychiatrist, specialising in alcohol addiction, a clinical psychologist, an audiologist and other therapists as may be necessary, all work on a session basis.


Offered with regular reviews on a consensual basis this includes the development of care plans and risk assessments. Senior staff communicates current knowledge and research to care workers.

Recovery programme

Individual counselling offers the personal opportunity to review alcohol dependency and any unresolved matters, such as bereavement, separation, family and housing concerns. Onward referral is available as appropriate.
Our client-centred method involves an introduction to alcohol relapse prevention based on motivational therapy. Family therapy work may also occur. Cognitive behavioural therapy techniques are applied when relevant.
If helpful, attendance at AA meeting is encouraged.
Skill development, self-development and basic educational needs support can be applied for at the local college. As part of our rehabilitation process involvement in therapeutic activities that provide stimulation and interest are expected.
To encourage movement out of the residential setting for social contacts and possible renewed contact with families and friends links are nurtured with organisations and individuals in the local community.
Taking account of emotional, social, cultural, religious, personal preferences and needs regular meetings are held to give community members an opportunity to express their views on matters relating to daily community life.
In conjunction with the Care Manager, we help our clients prepare for a safe return to the community and may be able to provide contact and interview with housing associations and agencies.
Complaints are dealt with confidentially and in compliance with legislation.

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