What are the costs?

Our weekly costs for clients are from £630.00 upward and are dependent on the individuals care needs and treatment plan.


Privately Funded
Clients who are privately funded, fill in the appropriate forms and are required to pay two weeks in advance on admission and subsequently weekly in advance.


Benefit arrangements
To help prevent complications and stress all contact with the DWP will normally be through nominated senior staff. All funded clients may be required to sign a DWP Indemnity Form allowing Francis House Management to implement a non-enduring Power of Attorney and recover client contributions where appropriate and requested.


Additional Fees
Assisi Community Care reserves the right to charge additional fees if the quality of care required increases from the initial care assessment. The quality of care is regularly reviewed, and if a higher degree of nursing assistance is required, then an additional fee will be requested to meet such needs. Additional costs are negotiated through proper consultation with the referral agent.

For current fees please call 01271 830 030

Please note that one week’s notice is required for departure and deposits or fees paid in advance are not refundable in the event of non-completion of stay or non-arrival.


How long will typical alcohol recovery take?

Normally recovery takes around 12 weeks; longer placements are available through discussion with all interest parties. We accept that due to the chronic nature of their alcohol addiction, some will have stressors; either mentally or physically, which will need to be addressed over a longer period of time and which we can accommodate.


What can I bring?

Furniture is provided in the care setting however some personal items may be able to be accommodated in the room. Suitable seasonal clothing and footwear, a jacket is advisable. We have a clothing store for helping with immediate needs. Musical equipment, radio, cd player, guitar, etc. (sorry no drum kits).

Mobile phones are allowed and to comply with legislation all electrical goods must be tested on arrival. Clients who obtain a personal television, a digital box or computer TV card during their stay will require a TV licence.


What items can’t I bring?

Generally, large pieces of furniture, pets and animals, cars, motorbikes or other transport vehicles are not permitted. However, some personal means of transport is sometimes negotiable with the management.


When can my friends and family visit?

Clients are not allowed off the premises during their first two weeks without a staff escort. Therefore for the first two weeks, it is advisable for clients to link into our programme and social contacts should be minimal. After this time and given notice friends and family are welcome to visit at any reasonable time during the working day.

Clients are here for rehabilitation so resuming and/or developing positive contact and relationships is considered beneficial. Visitors must always sign in at the office and sign out due to fire regulations.

22.00 hours is usually considered a watershed time to connect with a regular sleep pattern.


Are special diets catered for?

The diet is varied and can routinely include individual choices, for example, vegetarian or restricted diets due to allergies. Diabetic diets can be catered for and we have plenty of information to support special diets.


Can I bring my laptop and do you have internet access?

You are welcome to bring your own laptop or PC. There is wireless internet access in Clare House for use with your own PC or laptop, however, this is subject to a fair usage agreement. Constantly using technology can be a distraction in the recovery process and is not encouraged.


Smoking Policy

Like alcohol, tobacco is now recognised as a damaging to health and we encourage clients to take the opportunity to address any addiction through non-smoking support. Assisi Community Care operates full compliance with smoke-free legislation and the premises and grounds are smoke-free. From time to time certain bedrooms in Clare House may be designated non-smoke free.